Wednesday, 20 September 2017

going to stardom

First of all we went to Stardom out one tree hill when we got there we  had to sit on the grass wall miss Buchanan went to see if they were ready. Next we went in to Stardome we went in the room there was a guy called John he told us about how the planets revolved around the sun. After that we were going to do a quiz me and my friends we got 4 answers right then the time was up. Later on then we went into a room we watched a movie the movie was about the future this guy had to go to space to find a planet that they can live on. In the end we went back to school we had our lunch then we went to play.

Friday, 8 September 2017


On Thursday the year 5 and 6 rugby went to Saint Kent's school to play rugby to go to Auckland champs. There were lodes of schools there was surrey park school, glen taylor school, Tamaki primary school and panama road school and puhoi school also my school pt England school. The Spartans came 2nd in the tournament and the gladiators came 5th in the tournament.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

space suitcase

I will take a camera so I can take photos of the planes in the solar system.
I will  take toothpaste so I can put it on my toothbrush.
Galaxy s 8 phone
I will take it so I can play games on my phone.
I will take it so I can have a drink in space.
I do not no way I will take 991,000 dollars.
Tooth brush
I will take a toothbrush so i can brush my tooths.




Thursday, 6 July 2017

pump house trip


On Monday reading support went on a trip to the pump house. me and my friends were playing chatter box. And also we went past the city and over the harbour bridge.  when we got to the pump house, there were other schools there.  we had our own lunch then we went in the pump house. there was a house on the stage then we sat on the chairs then it started there was a teenage boy and his mum and dad. then there were pirates and they were having a pirate party then the pirate captain  shot his gun then fire works shot out of his gun. then all the pirates went to his house. when his mum and dad were at dinner then they were driving back from dinner. they went inside their house and there were pirates in there house. then we did a dance and then it was the end.