Tuesday, 29 November 2016

athletics day

Day full of fun playing with our friends then we lined up in our lines then we made our way down to the courts then we sate in our country lins then we let Mr Burt  say his speth. Then we went and played our games my favourite was shot pot because I came 3rd and  I was proud of myself. Because I  practiced and practiced for that day and my second favorite was tug of war.

Because when we were playing tug of war we go betin because the teams had stronger people and more people. That's how we lost in tug of war then the tethers did it for us and Hikianalia did to then it was morning tea. Me and my friends were playing Zombies and then when the ball went on we ran down to the courts.

Then we sate on the ground then we got on with our next activity it was doug ball the people with the balls are alad to take 3 steps and the people with no ball is allowed to take as many steps as they can.


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