Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Mad Scientist

In the laboratory there was a mad scientist called Mr Mark and he was the madest scientist in the world. He was tried to make a time mershen to travel back in time to ancient Greece to discover what they do in there cantherey. Then he tried to but it exploded then he got furious then he put some ingredients  in then he made the time mershen and he traveled back in time. Then he made it to ancient Greece and he learned about Zeus when he got to Zeus he wrote a story lord zeus you are the most power full god in the world. Then he travelled back to his laboratory the time mershen exploded then he got sad then he said what a mess I made  then he left the laboratory when it was messy. Then he went to a underground laboratory when he had a great idea he was going to make a portal to go any where he wanted to go. So he got to work he pot some metool and a bit of pushing in the pot then he made the portal then of he went and that was the end of my science.
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