Thursday, 20 October 2016

Pt England Olympic

On the Olympics we had some aktiveres to do on the field my favorite was soca because when we played Josh and his team it was hard. Because they had ten people and we only had 8 then we were winning but then they all came and tried to kick the ball into the goll. Then when everyone was looking the other way I quickly snapped passed all of them then I scored and the score was 50 on 40 and my team got 40 and Josh’s team won the soccer game. My other favorite game was when you kik the rugby ball as far as you can and in the first round I kicked the furthest then in the second round Jacob kicked the furthest then their team won.


  1. Hello Donte. I really love your worked how you did it all by yourself it is really good that you have did an good Writing. So what is your favert bit?

  2. KIA ORA Donte. I really love the way how you worked it looks really good.Want was the favert bit about the pitcher?

  3. Talofa lava Donte, I love your picture because you added some of the Colours of the rainbow. what was your Favorite Sport?